Spoon Brake Hose Set

Features a No. 3 low expansion ratio Teflon tube, protected by a stainless-steel mesh covering. Implementation of the Spoon hoses enables the driver to achieve extremely clean and responsive braking reactions. Hose fittings are manufactured from high-strength steel.

Available for DB8, DC2, DC5, EG, EK, EP, AP

Caliper Bracket Set

The Spoon Caliper Brackets are recommended to be utilized in conjunction with the Twin-Block system.

Brake Pad

The characteristics of Spoon brake pads are as follows:

1) High fading

2) Excellent operation at low temperatures

3) Long lasting

4) Low level of impact to the rotor.

These pads provide excellent stopping power and superior level of control with respect to cornering power.

Brake Rotor

A flap-type cast metal brake rotor proven in the tracks and as well as ideal in street driving. Designed for strength and cooling performance

Twin-Block Caliper

A 4-piston calipers are Spoon top products. They are functional - a must for those that want the most performance and excellent braking power. Excellent for circuits and street use.

Mono-Block Caliper

Spoon designed the mono-block caliper, whose one piece construction improved rigidity. The mono-block version is recommended for new generation Hondas such as the DC5, EP3, AP1.

Mono-Block Caliper
Universal Type
2.6kg (Std 4.7kg)

Reservoir Tank Splash Covers

Spoon reservoir tank covers serve three purposes.

One, they keep the reservoir tanks in place during racing and spirited driving, helping prevent spillage of vital fluids.

Second, even if the caps are jarred open, the tank covers help contain the spill and minimize fluid loss.

Third, the tank covers prevent dust and debris from accumulating on the tanks and potentially contaminating the brake fluid.

Furthermore, they help prevent the brake fluid from adsorbing moisture from the atmosphere, which otherwise reduces braking performance and causes corrosion of brake components.

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