Baffled Oil Pan

The Spoon baffled oil pan is a stock Honda oil pan that has been modified with the addition of baffles to prevent oil starvation and loss of oil pressure in high G-force corners.

Engine Transmission Mount Set

The mass-production, liquid-sealed engine mount are made of real-rubber type, which offers higher hardness without a need for shape modification. The hardness of the mount was changed from 55 to 70 the spring constant, from 6 to 14 kgf/mm. As a result of these changes, it is possible to realize a sharp steering characteristic and it is also possible to eliminate unpleasant vibration in the idling-speed range.

Cam Sprocket Set

Spoon cam gears are extremely high quality units which allow precise adjustment of the valve timing.  Necessary for use on aftermarket cams, they are also ideal for getting the most out of stock camshafts.

Oil Filler Cap

Withstands breakage due to vibration. Not just for aesthetics


Spoon camshafts are ideal for street and circuit use. While power throughout the rpm range is improved, mid-range power is increased significantly. Thus, an engine's response and power exiting corners is much better.

Oil Pump Assembly

Ideal for use in all B-type engines. The oil seal is optimized for low pullout probability.

Magnetic Drain Bolt Set

The Spoon magnetic drain bolts help remove metal shavings and debris from the engine and transmission oil.

By preventing such debris from circulating in the oil amongst the engine's internals, friction between moving parts is reduced and the lubricating effect of the oil is maximized.

This helps maintain the consistency of the engine's power output and reduces wear and tear, improving engine life.

Carbon Coil Cover

Coil cover made from ultra light weight carbon fibre.

Yellow Head Cover

Lightweight replacement cylinder head cover. Trade mark of every Spoon car.

Engine Torque Damper

The Spoon Sports torque damper helps to restrict engine twist and movement which can restrict performance. A simple bolt-in modification to your car will allow for more predictable performance from the chassis and decreases the movement of the engine.

All kits include a full mounting set and manual with the added bonus of not needing any holes drilled or welding brackets on. It bolts on directly with a kit for the following models.

High-tension Plug wires

Spoon high-tension plug wires help provide stronger spark for improved combustion. An extremely low resistance core provides the high conductivity needed to carry a strong current to the spark plugs. The current is then shielded from magnetic and electrical interference by the hyper silicone and metal mesh cable. Grounding each plug wire minimizes electrical noise. Furthermore, the cable material is highly heat resistant and gasoline proof, increasing the wires' life under abusive racing conditions.     

Head Gasket

0.45mm thinner than standard. Seal nature and durability exceeds the standards.