Intake, Foot work, Accessories


Throttle Body  

Spoon used numerical control machining to achieve a large, 4-mm opening for the throttle, while increasing the flow-pass area by 16%. Accordingly, peak power is increased by a approximately 6HP.

Direct Air Flow Pipe

A carbon fiber resonance silencer tube has been added to the EK4/9 air cleaner box in order that intake air noise can be eliminated.

Carbon Air Duct

This carbon fiber air duct cools down the flow of air intake as air and water temperature rise. Works great during extreme racing.

Progressive Spring

By assembling a normal damper, the height of the vehicle can be lowered, roll on winding roads can be suppressed, and both steering and safety can be improved accordingly.

Fix & Fully Adjustable Dampers

Spoon aims to keep optimum attenuation and reduce friction of its dampers. By controlling the damping of minute slow piston speed range, it is possible to improve driving feel and achieve higher performance at the same time. When attacking circuits aggressively, fast piston speed is necessary, but the attenuation character of the damper does not make such a big difference in lap times What we aimed for in our suspension system is high performance at the circuit, a flat driving feel and a straight directivity like an arrow. Suspension tuning for Hondas are able to achieve all of this.

Suspension Arm Component

This arm component along with hard characteristics bushes is designed to improve handling and overall balance.

Lower Arm Bush Set

Spoon version is manufactured from two layers of different materials. The top layer is manufactured from white urethane with a hardness of 95 (standard is 75); the bottom layer, hard black rubber with a hardness of 90.

Titanium Shift Knob

The Spoon titanium shift knob provides a better and more direct shifting feel. Shaped similar to the classic Honda Type R titanium shift knobs, the Spoon Titanium Shift Knob has an excellent ergonomic feel. It is extremely light, under 35g and lighter than the original Spoon Duracon Shift Knob; this provides a more direct shifter feel. The titanium surface has been superheated to provide the unique burnt titanium appearance.

Wheel Nuts

Blue/Red/Green Annodised Wheel Nuts.

Direct replacement for originals.

10g weight saving per nut over original

Lower Arm Bar

The lower arm bar joins the inboard mounting points of the 2 lower arms, thereby increasing the overall stiffness of the suspension.

Consequently, the driver can sense greater feedback from road conditions and the and the suspension will handle and respond in a more direct manner.

Strut Tower Bar

Spoon sports tower bars significantly increase chassis stiffness and handling response. The bars join the top of the left and right dampers.

At the front, this prevents the frame from flexing, increasing stiffness and improving handling and steering response.

At the rear, stiffness is also increased, improving handling, reducing flex and creaking noises within the chassis.

Cross Beam Bar for S2000

Experience stiffness and rigidity. On test circuits and or normal road driving, cross beam bar enhance driving performance.

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